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    Custom Packaging Products

    You design it, we make it!

    Plastic Jars

    Customized in various shapes, colors, sizes, surface finishes, and other custom designs to accommodate your storage needs.

    Metalized Plastic Jar

    Plastic Caps with Liners

    Used to seal containers to prevent leakage or contamination, they consist of two main components: the plastic cap itself and a liner.

    Plastic Caps with Liners

    Plastic Scoops

    Come in various shapes, colors, handles, and sizes. They are commonly used for scooping and measuring various substances.

    Plastic Measuring Scoops

    Silica Gel Desiccants

    Made from silicon dioxide, a versatile and reliable tool for controlling the moisture of products and materials.


    Composite Bags

    A type of plastic bag made from multiple layers of different materials, making it more durable, flexible and eco-friendly.

    Composite Bags

    Shaker Bottles

    Specifically designed for mixing protein shakes, supplements, smoothies, and other powdered beverages.

    Shaker Bottles

    Our Most Popular Products

      Metalized Plastic Jars

      Metalized HDPE Jar

      A plastic container made from HDPE material that has been coated or laminated with a thin layer of metal.

      Soft Touch Plastic Jars

      Soft Touch HDPE Jar

      A type of surface finish or coating applied to products to give them a tactile, velvety, or rubber-like feel.

      Big Gallon HDPE Bottle

      Big Gallon HDPE Bottle

      This indicates that the bottle can hold more than a standard one-gallon volume, such as 1.8, 2, or 2.4 gallons or more.

      Iridescent HDPE Plastic Jar

      Iridescent PET Jar

      Iridescent PET jars combine the practicality of plastic containers with a visually striking and captivating appearance.

      Composite Protein Powder Packaging Bag (1)

      Composite Protein Powder Packaging Bag

      Promote your brand, display nutritional information, and provide usage instructions.

      Composite Pet Food Packaging Bag (1)

      Composite Pet Food Packaging Bag

      Extended shelf life, improved product protection, and enhanced shelf appeal.

      Polypropylene Measuring Scoop

      PP Measuring Scoop

      Come in various sizes, colors, handles, and capacities, allowing for accurate and consistent measurements.

      Plastic Shaker Bottles

      Plastic Shaker Bottles

      A lightweight and budget-friendly container used for mixing protein shakes, and available in various designs.

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