Silica Gel Desiccants Manufacturer

Silica gel desiccants are moisture-absorbing agents commonly used to control humidity and prevent moisture-related damage in various products and environments.

Here are some key features and applications of silica gel desiccants:

High absorption capacity

Non-Toxic and safe

Stable and inert

Indicator function


    Silica Gel Desiccant Forms

    Silica gel desiccants are available in various packaging formats, including packets, canisters, and larger bags.

    Silica Gel Desiccant Packet


    These are small, individual packets or sachets containing silica gel. They are easy to handle and distribute, but with limited absorption capacity.

      Silica Gel Desiccant Canister


      These canisters usually have small holes or perforations to allow air to flow through while trapping moisture. They have a larger capacity than individual packs.

        Large Silica Gel Desiccant Bag

        Large Bag

        Larger bags filled with silica gel are used for industrial or commercial moisture control, as they have a higher moisture-absorbing capacity.

          Silica Gel Beads

          Silicon dioxide (SiO2) beads are small, porous, and granular particles. They are available in various sizes and colors, with the most common color being a transparent, white, blue or orange hue.

          Transparent Silica Gel Bead


          These are standard silica gel beads without any color indicator. They absorb moisture effectively but do not change color during the process.

            White Silica Gel Bead


            White silica gel beads have a slightly opaque or milky appearance. They are also used for similar applications as transparent silica gel beads.

              Blue Silica Gel Bead


              Also called "indicator silica gel", they contain a moisture-sensitive cobalt chloride indicator that changes color as the beads absorb moisture.

                Orange Silica Gel Bead


                Another type of indicator silica gel, use a moisture indicator that changes from orange to green when beads are fully saturated with moisture. 

                  Get In Touch With Us


                  Do you have stock samples? How can we to get it?

                  Yes, we have a large inventory in our oversea warehouse (located in Miami, US), and sample orders are freely available for quality check.

                  Do you accept custom orders?

                  Yes, we can manufacture your packaging products according to your requirements.

                  What is your custom process?

                  Let’s take the process of designing a composite bag as an example:

                  1. First of all, please tell us what product your composite bag is used to hold, the weight requirement, the specific gravity of the product contained, the material requirement of the composite bag, and other requirements, such as handles, zippers, etc.
                  2. Then, according to the information you provide, we will design a blank design drawing with dimensions and send it to you.
                  3. After you receive it, you can put your own bag design drawing into our blank drawing, and then send it to us.
                  4. Finally, we will communicate again to confirm the size, Pantone color, zipper, handle position, etc., and finally complete the design of the production drawing.

                  How do you charge for mold design?

                  • If your packaging product size is general, we have many universal molds for you to use for free.
                  • If your product does not belong to the general size, we can design a private model at a reasonable cost according to your drawings. This mold opening fee will be fully returned to you in subsequent orders.

                  How about your lead time?

                  After confirming the mold, our lead time is usually no more than 2 weeks.

                  What services do you provide?

                  • Pre-sale service: Since we have an overseas warehouse in Miami, USA, and have a large inventory of various products, we can send you samples from the warehouse for free.
                  • After-sales service: If your product has quality problems, we will provide you with a refund promise unconditionally (return the product to our overseas warehouse).

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