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A type of packaging made from multiple layers of different plastic materials (such as PET, PA, PE, BOPP, MOPP, CPP, VMPET, AL, Kraft Paper, etc).

The specific combination of plastics, the number of layers, and the style of the bag can be customized depending on the requirements of the product being packaged.

Food Grade Quality

Recyclable / Eco-friendly

OEM & ODM Services

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    What We Can Customize for Your Composite Bags?

    Custom Composite Bag

    Size & Thickness

    • Customized or recommended


    • 3/4/8-side seal
    • Stand up
    • Flat-bottom
    • Side gusset

    Seal & Handle

    • Zipper Top
    • Heat Seal
    • Tin-tie

    Color Format

    • CMYK or Pantone

    Plastic Materials Combination

    • PET + PE
    • PA + PE/RCPP
    • PET +AL+ PE/ RCPP
    • PET +AL + PA + PE/RCPP

    Surface Finishing

    • Lamination
    • Printing
    • Embossing / Debossing
    • Varnishing
    • Foil Stamping
    • Matte Coating

    Custom Bag Type Options

    We provide a template, which help you translate your specific needs into a functional and visually appealing design.

    Custom Composite Bags

    Common-style composite plastic bags are usually pre-designed, cost-effective and come in standard sizes and shapes. But they might lack uniqueness and customization.

    Here are some common composite bag styles:

    • 3/4/8-side seal bag
    • Back seal bag
    • Stand up pouch
    • Zipper bag
    • Curl-up film
    • Flat-bottom bag
    • Side gusset bag
    • Heterotypic bag
    • Three-dimensional side bag

    We can help you customize composite bags by combining the various styles mentioned above. For example, a popular option is a stand-up pouch with side gussets, which combines the stability of a stand-up bag with the extra capacity provided by gussets.

    Additionally, consider other design elements like the material composition, closure mechanisms (zipper, tin-tie, etc.), printing and branding options, and any special features required for your product.

      Bag Sealing & Handle

      Provide convenience and security for various packaging and carrying purposes.

      Zipper Top Composite Bag

      Zipper Top

      The bags are equipped with a resealable zipper at the top, allowing consumers to easily open and close the bag frequently while maintaining the freshness of the product inside.

        Heat Seal Composite Bag

        Heat Seal

        The heat sealing process involves the application of heat and pressure to the bag's edges to melt and fuse the layers of plastic together. This creates a strong bond that prevents any leakage.

          Tin-tie Composite Bag


          The tin-tie closure is a small, flat piece of tin, which is adhered to the top of the bag's opening. By folding down the top of the bag and twisting the tin-tie, the bag can be securely closed.

            Bag Surface Finishing

            The purpose of surface finishing is to improve the bag's appearance, functionality, and overall user experience.

            Laminated Composite Plastic Bag


            Lamination involves bonding a thin layer of plastic film onto the surface of the bag. This process can improve the bag's strength, water resistance, and overall durability.

              Printed Composite Plastic Bag


              Printing is one of the most common surface finishing methods for plastic bags. It allows to add branding, logos, artwork, and information on the bag's surface.

                Embossed Composite Plastic Bag


                Embossing creates a raised pattern on the surface of the bag, while debossing creates a depressed pattern. These processes add texture and a tactile element to the bag.

                  Varnished Composite Plastic Bag


                  Varnishing is the process of applying a clear protective coating to the bag's surface. It can enhance the bag's durability and protect the printing or graphics from wear and tear.

                    Foil Stamped Composite Plastic Bag

                    Foil Stamping

                    Foil stamping involves using heat and pressure to apply metallic foils onto the plastic bag's surface, adding a premium reflective look to the bag.

                      Matted Composite Plastic Bag

                      Matte/Glossy Coating

                      Applying matte/glossy coatings to the bag's surface can give it a specific texture and non-shiny, subdued or shiny and reflective appearance.

                        Get In Touch With Us


                        Do you have stock samples? How can we to get it?

                        Yes, we have a large inventory in our oversea warehouse (located in Miami, US), and sample orders are freely available for quality check.

                        Do you accept custom orders?

                        Yes, we can manufacture your packaging products according to your requirements.

                        What is your custom process?

                        Let’s take the process of designing a composite bag as an example:

                        1. First of all, please tell us what product your composite bag is used to hold, the weight requirement, the specific gravity of the product contained, the material requirement of the composite bag, and other requirements, such as handles, zippers, etc.
                        2. Then, according to the information you provide, we will design a blank design drawing with dimensions and send it to you.
                        3. After you receive it, you can put your own bag design drawing into our blank drawing, and then send it to us.
                        4. Finally, we will communicate again to confirm the size, Pantone color, zipper, handle position, etc., and finally complete the design of the production drawing.

                        How do you charge for mold design?

                        • If your packaging product size is general, we have many universal molds for you to use for free.
                        • If your product does not belong to the general size, we can design a private model at a reasonable cost according to your drawings. This mold opening fee will be fully returned to you in subsequent orders.

                        How about your lead time?

                        After confirming the mold, our lead time is usually no more than 2 weeks.

                        What services do you provide?

                        • Pre-sale service: Since we have an overseas warehouse in Miami, USA, and have a large inventory of various products, we can send you samples from the warehouse for free.
                        • After-sales service: If your product has quality problems, we will provide you with a refund promise unconditionally (return the product to our overseas warehouse).

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