Custom Plastic Scoops

Our plastic scoops are made of food-grade materials, and come in various shapes, capacities, colors, and handles.

They are particularly useful for products that need accurate scooping and measuring, like protein powders/supplements, coffee, baking ingredients, and more.


Accurate measurements

Lightweight and portable

Resistant to rust and corrosion

    What We Can Customize for Your Scoops?


    • PP, HDPE, or custom


    • Typically range 1cc - 250cc (graduation marks option), or custom volum


    • Round, bowl, flat, funnel, or custom shapes


    • Short, medium, long, double-end, or custom handle


    • Natural, clear, white, blue, red, yellow, green, or custom colors

    Shape Type

    Plastic scoops come in various shapes, each designed for specific purposes and applications.

    Round Plastic Measuring Scoop


    A round plastic scoop typically has a rounded, deep bowl shape with a handle attached to it. These scoops are commonly used for measuring and dispensing bulk goods.

      Plastic Measuring Bowl Scoop


      A bowl plastic scoop resembles a small bowl with a handle. It has a wide, open top and a relatively flat base. Bowl scoops are versatile and can be used for various tasks.

        Flat Plastic Measuring Scoop


        The flat scoops have a wide, flat, and shallow surface than the other type of scoops, making them more suitable for a larger capacity and efficient bulk scooping.

          Plastic Measuring Scoop with Funnel


          A funnel plastic scoop is designed with a built-in funnel-like extension, often used for transferring powders or small particles in a precise and controlled manner.

            Capacity Types

            Our scoops can be customized to your required capacity markings, such as milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons or ozs.

            1.25 cc Plastic Scoop

            Cubic Centimeters

            A cubic centimeter is a unit of volume in the metric system, 1 cc = 1 ml. It's used for precise measurements of small amounts of substances.

              1 Teaspoon Plastic Scoop


              The teaspoon is a unit of volume typically used in cooking and baking. One teaspoon is equal to 4.93 milliliters.

                1 Tablespoon Plastic Scoop


                The tablespoon is another unit of volume used in cooking and baking. 1 tablespoon is equal to 3 teaspoons, which is about 14.79 milliliters.

                  1 oz Plastic Scoop


                  Ounce can also be used for liquid and dry ingredients measurements. A scoop with an ounce capacity can hold about 29.6 ml of substance.

                    Handle Type

                    Plastic Scoop with Short Handle


                    A short-handle plastic scoop is designed for small-scale tasks or scooping small quantities of ingredients.

                      Plastic Scoop with Medium Handle


                      A medium-handle plastic scoop is versatile and commonly used, as it offers a balance between precision and reach.

                        Plastic Scoop with Long Handle


                        A long-handle plastic scoop is designed to offer greater reach and leverage into deep containers or bags.

                          Double Ended Plastic Scoop

                          Double End

                          A double-end handle plastic scoop allows you to use it from either end, providing flexibility and convenience.


                            Colored Plastic Measuring Scoop

                            Plastic scoops can be customized in various colors, the colors can depend on the intended use, brand preferences, and market trends.

                            • Natural: It maintains the natural color of the plastic material it is made from, typically high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
                            • Clear/Translucent: This color plastic scoop is often preferred when the visibility of the contents is essential.
                            • White: White is a popular color for plastic scoops as it gives a clean and neutral appearance.
                            • Blue: Blue is another common color for plastic scoops, especially in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
                            • Red: Red plastic scoops can be seen in some cases where a bright and attention-grabbing color is desired.

                            Apart from these common colors of scoops, we also have customized and maintained a substantial inventory to guarantee our customer's prompt delivery.

                              Get In Touch With Us


                              Do you have stock samples? How can we to get it?

                              Yes, we have a large inventory in our oversea warehouse (located in Miami, US), and sample orders are freely available for quality check.

                              Do you accept custom orders?

                              Yes, we can manufacture your packaging products according to your requirements.

                              What is your custom process?

                              Let’s take the process of designing a composite bag as an example:

                              1. First of all, please tell us what product your composite bag is used to hold, the weight requirement, the specific gravity of the product contained, the material requirement of the composite bag, and other requirements, such as handles, zippers, etc.
                              2. Then, according to the information you provide, we will design a blank design drawing with dimensions and send it to you.
                              3. After you receive it, you can put your own bag design drawing into our blank drawing, and then send it to us.
                              4. Finally, we will communicate again to confirm the size, Pantone color, zipper, handle position, etc., and finally complete the design of the production drawing.

                              How do you charge for mold design?

                              • If your packaging product size is general, we have many universal molds for you to use for free.
                              • If your product does not belong to the general size, we can design a private model at a reasonable cost according to your drawings. This mold opening fee will be fully returned to you in subsequent orders.

                              How about your lead time?

                              After confirming the mold, our lead time is usually no more than 2 weeks.

                              What services do you provide?

                              • Pre-sale service: Since we have an overseas warehouse in Miami, USA, and have a large inventory of various products, we can send you samples from the warehouse for free.
                              • After-sales service: If your product has quality problems, we will provide you with a refund promise unconditionally (return the product to our overseas warehouse).

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